Want to lounge by the pool or head to beach to sun yourself, but you’d rather die than be seen in a swim suit? It could be that your swim suit isn’t flattering because it’s not the right one for you.

According to a recent survey sponsored by Lands’ End, most women (83%) wear the wrong size bathing suit, usually because they use their dress size to choose a suit. The result can be unsightly wardrobe malfunctions.

“With so many advances in swimsuit design, high-performance fabrics and a full range of available sizes, there is no reason why any woman should experience muffin top or saggy bottoms,” said Suzanne Bryant, vice president of design, Lands’ End.

Make sure your suit fits by choosing the correct size and style for your measurements and body type. According to Bryant, women’s figures can  fashion be broken down into five basic shapes: Inverted triangle, star, triangle, circle or rectangle. The measurements that matter for swim suits are bust, waist, hips, and torso. Once you take your measurements and determine your shape, you can pick a suit that fits your dimensions and body type.

Knowing how to measure yourself and then figure out which boy type you are can be tricky.

“Many women do not know how to correctly measure their torso, and a wrong measurement can mean getting a suit that rides up,” said “Bonnie,” one of the Swim Fit Experts at Lands’ End who offers free online or telephone help for getting the right fit.

So before you resign yourself to covering up at the pool or beach, consider investing a bit of time to find out your measurements and body type so that you buy swim wear that actually suits you.

Bathing Beauty – Finding a Swimsuit That Flatters Your Body