Many of you are probably wondering what stem cell therapy is. Now, since President Obama set aside Bush’s restrictions on this particular investigation, investigations have been conducted around the world and now in the United States. Most embryonic stem cells are derived from excess human embryos 5-6 days after fertilization and are made for in vitro fertilization or the treatment of infertility called IVF. The reason why the use of these embryonic stem cells causes so much excitement and surprise is that they have the amazing potential to be able to renew themselves in laboratory cultures and become all the cells and tissues of the human body. It is due to its uniqueness. Therefore, the use of these cells can lead to a myriad of uses, such as organ transplantation that does not use the organs of others and the development of effective and personalized drugs. That is, these drugs can activate and stimulate bone marrow cells. Move to the part of the body that needs repair. Stem cell therapy is currently in its infancy and may take up to 10 years before it can be used to treat intractable diseases in the future.

Christopher Reeve had an irreversible spinal cord injury if he had not died early, so consider that this new medical technology may have cured him in the future. Although there are some issues that impede the spread of this technology, such as safety issues, the success of laboratory animal studies has led to preliminary clinical trials in patients who have failed standard therapies. I was struck. For example, a clinical trial at the University of Pittsburgh used embryonic cells transplanted into the brains of 12 stroke patients, with 6/12 patients showing significant improvement.

Many severe illnesses can be cured by germ cell therapy. For example, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stem cell clinic scottsdale Lugeric’s disease, spinal cord injury, heart failure, and diabetes. Another example is the use of these cells for the treatment of macula and retinal degeneration, which are the leading causes of blindness in all age groups. This cell therapy is considered a potential therapeutic approach that can actually restore or maintain retinal function and prevent blindness.

So grab your chair and witness the emergence of a unique therapeutic approach that can replace the outdated and invasive weapons currently used by medical institutions in the not too distant future. As I showed in my previous essay, and as predicted by Ezekiel 65: 17-25, there is a very good chance that we can live as long as a tree. My name is YipBop and my blog is titled News Beyond News [], illuminating our world with stories and insights that may not be in the dailys. I started this blog in 2009. He has many years of editorial writing, maturity, spirituality, and the ability to translate daily thoughts and events in a more understandable and direct way, freeing humanity from deception and lies, and exploring new worlds. increase. .. Realistic prism.

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