More all inclusive vacation packages are found in the Caribbean than anywhere else in the world. This is such a popular area of the world that all inclusive Caribbean vacations now outnumber bed and breakfast vacations booked on the islands. Some believe it is in order to attract more visitors the islands of the Caribbean; however, there really isn’t any basis for this belief.

The chances are that this popularity is a result of the ease with which people can book the all inclusive Caribbean vacations; this is particularly true against standard room only or fly drive vacations. Vacation Booking There are even specialist packages, so it doesn’t matter what your interest or requirements are you can guarantee they will be met. Some visitors only require flights to the Caribbean as they are visiting relations; these people don’t normally need to arrange for a place to stay as their relatives would be offended if they were to book into a hotel.

Although, the average visitor will find the all inclusive Caribbean vacation the least inexpensive. Whilst many people like to book everything themselves, this isn’t always the least expensive option as operators can offer massive discounts. Of course travelers who like to arrange everything them self, would not consider such an option even if the vacation were ‘to die for’. Many people are still unsure of what to expect from an all inclusive vacation even though they have now been around for a good many years.

The only constant with every vacation booked is that the accommodation is included as part of the price. All meals and any additional food are included in this type of package but that is not always the case; in fact many types of board only include a continental breakfast as part of the arrangement. Many people can get confused between a full board package and an all inclusive package vacation.

The difference is that an all inclusive Caribbean vacation package will include all food and drinks whereas a full board vacation only generally includes breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. It is not unusual to find that special arrangements have been made with other hotels and restaurants; this does not normally mean that entertainment, food and events are free at these places, just discounted. For a person or family booked on an all inclusive Caribbean vacation, there is little to pay; they often include dining at restaurants that are not part of the hotel which should create a far more interesting experience.


What To Expect On An All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation